Atlanta 12-Step Meetings For Sex Addiction
"If we are pain-
staking about
this phase of our development, we
will be amazed
before we are
halfway through."

          From The A.A. "Big Book" 
          (the basis of  all 12-step                              programs)

This website  provides information
about 12-Step support groups for sex addiction in the Atlanta area.


This site provides a listing of 12-step support groups in the Atlanta area for people who are struggling with sexual behavior that feels out of control.

This site contains nothing beyond information directly pertaining to each 12-step group in the Atlatna area.  There are no links to other articles, books, therapists, websites or other resources beyond this limited function.

Important Disclaimer

Any meeting information on this site is current to the day it was listed.  Meetings are subject to change without advance notice, so it is strongly encouraged to check with the contact person associated with each meeting.  In the case of Sexaholics Anonymous, it is recommended to check that site if you see any SA meetings here you want to attend.

What Happened to "AASG"?

Many years ago an organization known as the "Atlanta Area Service Group (AASG)" existed to bring together representatives of the various 12-step fellowships in order to discuss areas of common interest.  AASG effectively disbanded almost a decade ago, leaving behind only a website that provided a list of local meetings.  For most of that time that website was maintained by one individual as an act of service work.  In approximately 2010 Sexaholics Anonymous requested that their meetings be removed from the AASG website and replaced with a link to their website,

The AASG website has now been replaced with this new central resource of information about local 12-step meetings for sex addiction recovery.  Its goal is to help people who suffer from a pattern of out-of-control sexual behavior to "know a new freedom and a new happiness, to understand serenity and to know peace".

Any hits to the old website will now be re-directed here.  To help insure that
people can find this site on their own, it is listed as both and

A Note About "Sexaholics Anonymous"

  The12-step fellowship  Sexaholics Anonymous maintains a separate website.
Any meeting information on this site should be confirmed through the official SA Atlanta website.


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